Sample Inspection Notice
The following deficiencies should be corrected by qualified licensed contractor’s three days prior to closing.  At the time of closing, all receipts for this work shall be provided to the buyers along with any and all certifications and applicable warranties.

1.)  A licensed electrician shall replace the broken weatherproof receptacle covers outside, install GFCI protection for all kitchen receptacles and any other location required by the National Electric Code. He shall correct the wiring to the broken light fixture in the kitchen cabinet and properly enclose the electrical junction box and staple the loose wiring in the north attic.
Inline image 15

2.)  The pet damaged carpeting on the lower level of the house needs to be replaced.
   Inline image 9

3.)  A licensed plumber shall fix the broken hand sprayer and faucet in the master bathroom shower and tighten the loose bathtub spigot. A suitable access panel needs to be installed to access the bubble bath equipment.
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4.) Smoke detectors need to be installed in all bedrooms.

5.)  The leaking irrigation cutoff valve needs to be replaced.
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6.)  The rusted down spouts need to be replaced and all extensions properly connected.
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7.) The master bedroom window that will not close tightly needs to be properly repaired and the windows in the east bedroom, upper west loft and living room where condensation has developed between the panes need to be replaced.
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8.)  The pet door needs to be removed from the dining room window and the window replaced.
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9.) The water stained ceiling tile in the lower level closet needs to be replaced.
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10.) The furnace needs to be cleaned and the furnace and air conditioner needs to be certified by a qualified HVAC contractor to be safe and in good working order. A copy of this certification for both furnace and air-conditioning system shall be delivered at closing.
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11.) All of the missing and damaged insect screens needs to be replaced.
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