EML November 1994 Radon Graph

This Graph shows what we sent EML for their November, 1994 Intercomparison Exercise
A' Testing Company Inc. will report 902 2 Bq/m-3 of Radon as our best estimate of the Radon concentrations in our three, 490 mL soda bottle scintillation cells that where filled by EML at 07:15 EST October 31, 1994.

PRESSURE CORRECTION To determine the pressure correction for these cells, we counted each cell for 10 hours at the 761.2 mm Hg. pressure we received them using the calibration factors we established at 582.0 mm Hg. These values are expressed in pCi/L on the left side of the table below. We then briefly loosened the bottle caps of each cell to release the over pressure and normalize the cell pressure at 577.0 mm Hg. These Radon values are multiplied by 1.31923 to compensate for the Radon loss when the over pressure was released.

EML reported 945 Bq/m ; Our 902 was 0.95 of EML's mean
EML reported the group median at 903 or 0.96 of EML's mean