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The purchasers have asked us to measure the radon levels in this home. Your cooperation in this testing process is essential for an accurate and valid test. The following conditions must be maintained 12 hours prior to and during the test period:

  1. All windows and doors must remain closed at all times except for momentary entry and exit.
  2. External-internal air exchange systems such as attic & window fans cannot be operated.
  3. Central air conditioning can be used providing it does not vent outside air into the house.
  4. Evaporative or swamp coolers cannot be used.
  5. Fireplaces cannot be used. You may use wood stoves.
  6. The testing apparatus must not be moved or disturbed in any way. (This equipment is not radioactive, it will not harm your family.)

The testing equipment will detect if these conditions are not maintained. Failure to maintain these conditions will invalidate the test. Our policy for invalid tests is to assume there are elevated levels of radon and advise our client what costs and type of system could be installed to reduce the radon concentrations to acceptable levels.

If you have any questions about this or cannot maintain these conditions call Professional Home Inspections, Inc. at 303.329.0014

Please sign this form to verify that proper test conditions have been met. Thank You.

If these conditions where not maintained 12 hours prior to the testing check here(...).

I certify that I have read and understand these instructions, and agree to maintain these house conditions during the test period.(Approximately 2 days}.

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